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bruceTo me sight is a most precious thing. I am not sure how much I miss out, but I have never had experience of knowing what smell is.  This makes me wonder how things would be if I had been born with hardly any or even no sight like grandfather and many others. Life for me is often too much of a rush and only slows when barriers pop up or when there are so called "must does" at work or socially. No matter how rushed I am or where life brings me, I make a point of prioritising moments to absorbe what is around me.

Some of my great moments are engrossed in drawing and splashing around, mixing and putting paint in position. I love colours, shapes, nature, peace, doing, creating, fact as well as fiction, the romance, the story, the replication process and much to do with art.  I sign off pieces with my initials "GBC".  I am proud to be a member of the Tinahely Art Group.  

I hope you will have an chance to get enjoyment from my works in acrylic and oils. My paintings are available for sale and may be commissioned from my studio.

Most of what I create are with an eye to Daddy, Mammy, Johnny and old “Mr C”, friends now departed to another place and nature. I wish wherever you are that you can see.

Bruce Copeland

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